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    1. 求职面试英文自我介绍

      时间:2021-03-19 16:47:06 求职面试 我要投稿




      求职面试英文自我介绍 篇1

        My name am wang li, this year big four, my specialty was the accounting, the undergraduate course school record, university four years i already is smooth through the english four levels of tests, has obtained accountant the computerization and accountant is employed the credentials, studied diligently about financial each discipline, could utilize the computer skilled, in university period participated in the student association, had the strong communication ability and the power of expression, the work is diligently earnest, also strong learning capability and compatibility, positive enterprising, strove to get the upper hand .


      求职面试英文自我介绍 篇2

        dear sir / madam :

        hello!i was a senior at jilin university, students going into the community, i was full of expectation for the future.i believe, "well begun is half done" (good beginning is half the success).i hope your company is the starting point for my success that i can, together with your company to create a brilliant tomorrow.

        i was born in the border town of scenic rivers -- riverside.outstanding performances in 1997, i admitted to the jilin university school of economics and management, and thus opened a new chapter in my life.school classes since i have been secretary of the corporation, not only the heavy workload of my job training and tempering,i have the ability to solve problems more tempered, i can calmly analyze the problems faced and thoughtful.and all of this to my professional choice will have a profound impact.i do our own work, the school also took an active part in the various activities, and to encourage students to participate,for their advice; in daily life, i was able to closely unite students, i believe that a collective effort is a powerful,only when we engage in, we can all work.the socialist modernization drive is comprehensive quality management talentsso i learn professional knowledge, the main english and computers, in english, i cultivation my hearing, said,reading, writing ability; in the computer, i start from the basic knowledge, and further understand the function of the office,internet also studied the basic knowledge can be used flexibly.end professional after the election, in order to broaden their knowledge, i also participated in the study and computerized accounting.mastered the basic application and excel and other accounting software applications.to make their professional knowledge to mastery learning, i read a textbook case of the mba,such as strategic management, corporate governance, financial management and capital operation, and to use their training to work."with love width of the sea, the days of his career," i hope that your company can give me a chance to display his talent.i will work hard, study hard expertise to the company to live up to my expectations.

      求职面试英文自我介绍 篇3

        good morning, ladies and gentlemen! it is really my honor to have this opportunity for an interview. i hope i can make a good performance today. i'm confident that i can succeed. now i will introduce myself briefly. i am 26 years old, born in shandong province. i graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronics. and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of XX. i spent most of my time on study, and i’ve passed cet-6 during my university. and i’ve acquired basic knowledge of my major. it is my long cherished dream to be an engineer and i am eager to get an opportunity to fully play my ability.

        in july XX, i began working for a small private company as a technical support engineer in qingdao city. because there was no more chance for me to give full play to my talent, so i decided to change my job. and in august XX, i left for beijing and worked for a foreign enterprise as an automation software test engineer. because i want to change my working environment, i'd like to find a job which is more challenging. moreover,motorola is a global company, so i feel i can gain a lot from working in this kind of company. that is the reason why i come here to compete for this position. i think i'm a good team player and a person of great honesty to others. also,i am able to work under great pressure. i am confident that i am qualified for the post of engineer in your company.

        that’s all. thank you for giving me the chance.

      求职面试英文自我介绍 篇4

        General Introduction

        I am a third year master major in automation at Shanghai Jiao

        Tong University, P。 R。 China。 With tremendous interest in Industrial Engineering, I am writing to apply for acceptance

        into your Ph。D。 graduate program。

        Education background In 1995, I entered the Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NUST) —— widely considered one of the China’s best engineering schools。 During the following undergraduate study, my academic records kept distinguished among the whole department。 I was granted First Class Prize every semester,In 1999, I got the privilege to enter the graduate program

        waived of the admission test。

        At the period of my graduate study, my overall GPA(3。77/4。0) ranked top 5% in the

        department。 In the second semester, I became teacher assistant that is given to talented and matured students only。 This year, I won the Acer Scholarship as the one and only candidate in my department, which is the ultimate accolade for distinguished students endowed by my

        university。 Presently, I am preparing my graduation thesis and trying for the honor of Excellent Graduation Thesis。

        Research experience and academic activity When a sophomore, I joined the Association of AI Enthusiast

        and began to narrow down my interest for my future research。

        With the tool of OpenGL and Matlab, I designed a simulation program for transportation scheduling system。 It is now widely used by different research groups in NUST。 I

        assumed and fulfilled a sewage analysis & dispose project for Nanjing sewage treatment plant。 This was my first practice to convert a laboratory idea to a commercial product。 In retrospect, I find myself standing on a solid basis in both theory and experience, which has prepared me for the Ph。D。 program。 My future research interests include: Network Scheduling Problem, Heuristic Algorithm research (especially in GA and Neural network), Supply chain network research, Hybrid system performance analysis with Petri nets and Data


        1、Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is 。 It is really a great honor to have this opportunity/chance to introduce myself。 I would like to answer whatever you may raise, and I hope I can make a good performance today。

      求职面试英文自我介绍 篇5


        2、使用地道的问候语,使自己更加尊重对方。那么如何体现自己很尊重对方呢?你可以用这样一句话,it‘s my honor to meet you

        这句话比较地道,而且使对方感觉自身比较受尊重。比nice to meet you 好!

        3、低调的表现自己,在求职过程中很重要。那么如何低调的表现自己,你可以来这么一句?May i get


        4、在说性格的时候比较简单,你要学会这样说,i am。后面接一个词,这个词你可以说honest,也可以说easy going。连起来说就是i am

        honest and easy going.但是你要学会聪明的来句but。

        5、为什么要来个but,这是强调自己的特征。人具有普遍性,当然也有特殊性,一个but 就把你的特殊性给展现出来了。but i have a

        strong sense of


        get very serious and cautious when at work。我工作的时候很严肃。


        7、最后来句that is over。表示你已经说完了。可以让对方提问。或者你在说句,if you have

        any question.i am very happy to answer you


        I feel I can make some positive contributions to your company in the future. 我觉得我对贵公司能做些积极性的贡献。

        My school training combined with my practice in the factories should qualify me for this particular job.I am sure I will be successful.我在研究所的训练,加上实习工作,使我适合这份工作。我相信我能成功。

        I can handle it well.我知道我能应付自如。

        I think I'm reasonably optimistic by nature.我想我生性是相当乐观的。

        I'm quite hard-working,responsibleand outgoing.我觉得自己是个工作勤奋、负责而且外向的人


      1.求职面试自我介绍 英文









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